Wincor World 2014: Enhancing Consumer and Merchant Experiences Through New Technology

by Pradeep T Moudgal 0

In mid-January, Mercator Advisory Group senttwo representatives to Wincor World 2014, a biennial event thatdraws more than 7,000 visitors from 90 countries. A wide range ofexecutives, product managers, marketing analysts, and IT expertsfrom across the merchant and financial services industries attendedto find out about the latest ATM/banking and retail point-of-sale(POS) solutions through more than 500 exhibits and in 50 specialistpresentations from Wincor Nixdorf and 46 partner exhibitors. Theevent was held in the A2 Forum in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany notfar from Wincor Nixdorf’s head office in Paderborn. RepresentingMercator Advisory Group were Pradeep Moudgal, Director of EmergingTechnologies Advisory Service, and Tristan Hugo-Webb, AssociateDirector of International Advisory Service, who is based inLondon.

The focus of the show was on innovative hardware, software, andservices that enable banks and retailers to do business in acustomer-oriented and efficient way as well as on ideas fortomorrow’s bank branches and retail stores. One of the key areas ondisplay was the processing of cashless and mobile transactions.There was a lot of interest in innovative software solutions thatallow customers to carry out their transactions via smartphone ortablet computer, such as cash withdrawals from ATMs using asmartphone. What is more, it was demonstrated that cutting-edgesoftware can help retailers combine the shopping experience of aretail outlet with the online world. Wincor Nixdorf also premiereda marketplace for Android-based apps that enables retailers tohandle sales and payment processes online.

Furthermore, the company presented new service options that enablebanks to enhance the experience they create for their customers.Sample applications revealed how the range of self-service optionscan be expanded when staff use video or tablet computers to helpclients with certain transactions. The organizers also recorded ahigh level of interest in Wincor Nixdorf’s new omnicommercecapabilities such as mobile POS, a new tablet solution for retailapplications that can be deployed as a fully functional stationarycheckout or for mobile payments, when advising customers on theshop floor, carrying out administrative tasks, or doing inventory.In addition a new form factor using smart watch technology wasdemonstrated for use both from a banking and retail POSperspective.

Overall, Wincor World 2014 highlighted how the lines betweenretail and banking in the digital age continue to blur. Thecutting-edge products demonstrated by Wincor Nixdorf at the eventare or will significantly contribute to the improving theconsumer’s 21st century shopping and banking experiences.

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