Westpac New Zealand Launches Augmented Banking App

by Tristan Hugo-Webb 0

Westpac New Zealand has announced the launch of a newbanking application that uses augmented reality to allow a new take on managingmoney for customers. The application is the result of Westpac’s internationalcrowdsourcing initiative, Westpac Global App Challenge and will be initiallyavailable on iPhones but Android is soon to follow.

According to Westpac, the application combines 3D technologyand a simple interface to add a new dimension to managing money that will allowcustomers to see their transaction history, account balance and even thebalance on certain loyalty cards.

Commenting on the announcement, Westpac New Zealand ChiefDigital officer, Simon Pomeroy said, “Once the app is set up a customer onlyhas to tap it open and hold their credit or debit card under the camera ontheir phone. They then have access to a number of features that use 3D to bringthe information alive. We are committed to making banking easier and faster forcustomers and this is another example of that. This is another example of howwe are using customer data in a far more personalized and visual way allowingcustomers to better understand and get more out of their finances.”

In the race to develop new and innovative mobile bankingapplications, Westpac NZ has been among the first globally to launch new mobilebanking and payment services and the launch of the augmented reality onlyfurther reinforces the bank’s position as a leader internationally.

Overview by Tristan Hugo-Webb, Associate Director, International Advisory Service for Mercator Advisory Group

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