Western Union Enables Broader Distribution Using Prepaid

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

While Western Union already enables a sender to deliver funds on a prepaid card via overnight delivery, it has now made it possible for recipients to simply pick up a prepaid card at select U.S. agent locations and arrange for sent funds to be deposited on the card.

“The innovative new card gives consumers a simple way to receive money transfers. All they have to do is pick up a card at a select Western Union(R) Agent location in the U.S. and complete the transaction to receive a money transfer online or over the phone. The process is seamless and can be completed quickly, with no forms to fill out.

“This new Receive Card delivers what consumers need and want: convenient, fast and reliable money-management solutions,” said David Yates, President, Business Development and Innovation, Western Union. “And for our Agents, it offers an efficient means for handling transactions with minimal effort and expense while driving foot traffic and revenue.”

Western Union will begin offering the cards at select Western Union Agent locations this summer.”

Besides offering money transfer recipient’s greater convenience, it also enables new retail locations to more easily sell Western Union services. Combined with the Western Union goCash product, merchants can now offer access to Western Union money transfer services by simply offering these Western Union prepaid products:

“When coupled with the innovative Western Union goCASH service, the Money Transfer Receive Card offers retailers who cannot support Western Union’s traditional full-service options new access to Western Union’s network. The goCASH service allows people to purchase a card at checkout at select retailers nationwide and complete a money-transfer transaction later via phone or online.”

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