Webinar: 5 Reasons Why Mobile Account Opening Must Happen Now

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

The ability to open financial accounts on mobile devices ishere. In response to shifting consumer preferences, banks are slowly embracingmobile account opening (MAO) as a way to differentiate themselves. This trendis expected to accelerate, with more than 25% of checking accounts expected tobe opened through the mobile channel by 2020.

For banks that have not yet invested in MAO, there are twoways to look at it:

  • An expense that can be delayed (at least for afew years), or
  • An opportunity that can be realized today.

Here at Zoot, we believe that the emergence of the mobilechannel presents banks with the opportunity to create an account openingexperience that dwarfs other channels.

For this event, we have brought together a panel of industryexperts who share our belief in the potential of MAO. They will provide anoverview of the current and future state of mobile account opening and outline5 concrete reasons why financial institutions can’t wait to implement their MAOstrategy.

Webinar attendees will:

  • Understand the current state of MAO and how shiftingdemographics and behaviors are changing consumers’ account openingexpectations.
  • Learn how the unique capabilities andrequirements of the mobile channel can actually produce a safer, lower riskaccount opening process.
  • Gain a set of specific recommendations fordesigning a mobile account opening experience that will make their customersthink it’s 2020.

Please join us for a lively discussion featuring thefollowing industry thought leaders:

  • Ed O’Brien, Director, Banking Channels AdvisoryService, Mercator Advisory Group
  • Rich Huffman, Senior Director Product Management,Identity & Fraud Solutions, Equifax
  • Anthony Lanham, Vice President, Sales, Jumio
  • Scott Waddell, Chief Technology Officer, iovation
  • Scott Carter, Chief Marketing Officer, Mitek

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