US Bank Partners with Visa, Oberthur Technologies to Launch Dual Interface Payment Service

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

US Bank has joined the trend to issuing EMV credit cards oriented toward travelers. Their new program, US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa, combines EMV, contactless (PayWave), and mag stripe technologies to ensure global acceptance. The Travel Rewards Visa program is oriented to travelers, and also offers travel rewards, cash back, gift cards, merchandise, and statement credits to participants.

The dual interface smart cards manufactured and personalized in the US by Oberthur Technologies, will be introduced to more than 20,000 US Bank FlexPerks Visa cardholders with plans to expand the offering to other travel reward cardholders in 2012.

In the last couple of months, Chase and Wells Fargo have also announced plans to issue EMV cards to their premier customers.

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