UK Company Touchdown Prepaid Offers Prepaid Visa Travel Card That Does Its Own Currency Conversions

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

London-based loyalty company Touchdown Prepaid announced June 20 that is has begun offering a prepaid travel card that can be loaded with Euros, US Dollars, or Pounds Sterling.

CashCase is a Visa card that can be simultaneously loaded with Euros, US Dollars, or Sterling and offers the ability for users to switch amounts between the three denomination ‘purses’ by simply clicking and dragging values in their online account.

The company is offering merchant funded discounts and smartphone access for cardholders. It also plans to market the card as a payroll card for companies that want to pay overseas workers in one currency, but the workers’ home country uses another currency. Cardholders also may transfer money from card to card.

The card will compete with offerings like the Access Prepaid Worldwide MasterCard that offers cards to travelers in various currencies through outlets like Travelex and Thomas Cook. This card allows travelers to buy a card loaded with the currency of their destination before leaving and either use the money for spending or withdraw it from an ATM.

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