U.S. Consumers Say No Thanks to Mobile Wallets

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Western Union announced a new platform designed to drive international expansion for its prepaid business unit.

From the company’s press release:

As part of its continuing commitment to create innovative solutions that address unmet needs in the marketplace, Western Union today announced two significant milestones in its Stored-Value division.

The first is the launch of the Western Union(R) Global Share platform, which enables the company to introduce new stored-value solutions in markets around the world by joining forces with local companies.

This is not, however, just an announcement of future capabilities. Western Union simultaneously announced that it already has six partners operating under this program:

“The launch of the Western Union Global Share platform and the addition of six companies are proof that Western Union is a relevant, wide-reaching and powerful brand – one with the trust of millions of customers,’ said Diane Scott, Executive Vice President, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Western Union. ‘We are truly a partner of choice for companies around the world.”

The six companies are Access Prepaid Worldwide, Advent Financial, AirPak, Credencial, Jade Payments, and mFunds.

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