U.S. Bank Gets Futuristic With Augmented Reality ATM and Branch Locator App

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

From Finextra:

US Bank employees are piloting an iPhone app that uses augmented reality technology to help customers find ATMs and branches.

When users point their phone the Find US+ App displays a computer-generated graphic for branches and ATMs in that direction, as well as addresses and distances based on GPS location.

Each graphic is colour-coded to reflect whether the location is open, closing in an hour or already shut. The app recognises when the user arrives at the destination and asks if additional information is requested.

The app also uses the iPhone’s camera to offer a street view, with the screen displaying branches and ATMs within view as well as walking directions and other location information when the camera lens is directed at eye level.

Dominic Venturo, CIO, payment services, US Bank, says: “The Find US+ App for iPhone may soon empower our customers to interact with us more easily. In addition to making it easier to find branches and locations, this application sets the stage for US Bank to leverage its development efforts for future location-based experiences, including customised offers from our partners.”

As part of their effort to differentiate themselves, many financial institutions are seeking innovative ways to reach customers and engage them. Examples include creative solutions such as this augmented reality app, which not only makes it easier to find branches and ATMs, but also offers a pleasant user experience. These types of apps make it easier for customers to conduct business with their preferred financial institution no matter where they may be.

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