Trycera Plans to Offer Prepaid Card for Personal Financial Management

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Trycera Financial, Inc., a company that offers financial products to what it calls people “under financial stress,” has announced that has begun development of a personal financial management prepaid card program.

This innovative card-based program will integrate the Company’s suite of personal budgeting and payment reporting tools and plans to offer a protective term life insurance option. The developing platform leverages prior program management infrastructure and is designed to enhance consumer education and awareness about their personal financial position.

The company does not specify when the card will be available, and it may face a struggle in getting to market. The company claims on its website that it can help cardholders build a good credit score. This is one of the reasons that the Florida Attorney General cited for why she was investigating five prepaid companies. Additionally, the company says its target market is unbanked and underbanked consumers, which means it is entering a crowded market. However, if it can make its financial management tools easy and inexpensive to use, it may have a competitive offering.

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