Trust and Money Report 2016

by PaymentsJournal 0

What is trust? In economic matters, trust is often invoked with little explanation. In parts of the world where the electric grid is usually stable, we trust that the lights will turn on — and stay on — when we flip the light switch. When it comes to people, we may trust a neighbor to borrow our cell phone to make an emergency call, but not necessarily a stranger, who could run off with it. Sometimes we have to learn to trust new technology providers or financial institutions. If you move to a new region that requires a different mobile service provider, you might feel the advice of a new colleague is more reliable than the sales pitch of a service agent. Or you may look to a nation-wide network with a long and consistent reputation rather than take a chance on a cheaper provider you’ve never heard of before. And then there are life and death matters, when we put trust in a multitude of others. Driving a vehicle on a busy highway requires a certain faith that other drivers will follow the rules of the road, if only because they, like us, want to arrive at their destinations safely!

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