Tango Card Allows Gift Card Recipients to Send Gift Card Givers a Picture of Their Purchases

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Tango Card, an online prepaid card distributor, has created an application that allows gift card recipients to post photos of what they purchased with the gift card online and send a message to the person who purchased the card. It also allows them to add a personalized note.

Tango Card users start WIG on the app, attach or take a picture of what they got, and select how to share the photo, via Facebook, Twitter, or a Picasa or Flickr album. The gift giver is notified by email and can instantly view how the gift card was used. The startup says that this is a more personalized way to close the loop with the gift giver.

The company hopes that adding social media interfaces will make gift cards a more attractive gift option and personalize the gift giving process.

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