Samsung Leads Charge (So Far) With NFC-Enabled Devices

by Terry X Xie 0

According to recent news reports like this one from Reuters, Samsung sold some20 million NFC-enabled Galaxy S III smartphones in 100 days sincethe product debuted May 29. This easily made Samsung the largestsupplier of NFC-enabled mobile devices worldwide.

Less than two years ago, Nokia, the long-time NFC-supporter andthen the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, was supposed totake the lead in supplying the world with NFC-enabled devices.Nokia, however, never lived up to its potential and failed todeliver its NFC vision and is now struggling to keep the companyfrom a complete dive.

Apple, however, might be poised to take the lead away from Samsungwhen it reveals the iPhone 5 Wednesday. The iPhone 4S did notcontain an NFC chip, which has led many to believe Apple willinclude it in the newest version. If the iPhone 5 does come withNFC, expect sales of the device to reach 40 million by the end ofthe year, which would put it in line with Samsung’s numbers.Samsung’s other NFC-enabled mobile devices includes the Galaxy Notewhich also sells well.

Based on Mercator Advisory Group’s preliminary numbers, the numberof NFC mobile devices shipped worldwide this year will be at least100 million. More updates will be available in Mercator’sforthcoming research note on worldwide NFC forecasts.

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