Rewards Programs Go Granular, But Acceptance Becomes More Fractionalized

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

In the new world of real-time rewards, convenience takes precedence and consumers rightlfully love the idea of not clipping coupons. But the next hurdle is going to be registration fatigue for products like Linkable. Formerly Clovr, Linkable has a cool logo and good idea — allow merchants to tie discounts to specific items. That, however, takes a bit more work on the merchant side. And while issuers don’t appear to have to do anything if consumers self-register, they do have to modify their rewards processes if they want to turn cash back into points, for example. As more of these solutions are entering the market, some differentiation is required to rise above the pack, but convincing merchants to participate must be getting more difficult as more and more companies come calling.

Linkable Networks SKU-level capability allows advertisers to eliminate wasted spend by delivering accurate attribution of in-store redemptions, enhance loyalty and increase sales, all the while improving campaign performance and ROI.

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