Regulators Increase Interest in Bitcoin

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

AOC has joined the early adopters in the commercial payments services space by introducing a web-based mobile interface, accessible via all tablets and smartphones, for its Encompass commercial payments software product. Users will not have to download a new mobile app, and existing user IDs and passwords will be recognized.

According to Todd King, AOC Solutions chief product officer:

Like AOC’s EnCompass platform itself, we built this new mobile capability as a pathway to better business-to-business payments and A/P processes for administrators and commercial cardholders alike. With smartphones and tablets proliferating in the workplace, employees at every level are expected to conduct business, access data and make decisions anytime from anywhere, including on a mobile device.

This significant step forward for Encompass adds to its range of user conveniences, and increases its appeal to corporations looking for payment management tools, as well as financial institutions choosing white-labled services to offer those same corporations.

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