Prolific Entrepreneur Mohammed Al Fardan Joins Ambrosus as Head of the Middle East Region

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The award-winning founder will drive business development and strategic partnerships

Zug, Switzerland – November 9, 2017 — Ambrosus, the blockchain-based ecosystem for the supply chain, today announced that Mohammed Al Fardan will join the company as Head of the Middle East Region. A prolific entrepreneur, and a global expert in operational management, Mohammed Al Fardan will be responsible for driving business development and strategic partnerships in the region.

Angel Versetti, Ambrosus Co-founder and CEO said, “Inefficient, unethical and outdated, the problems associated with modern-day supply chains require a far-reaching, global solution. Given the scope of the Ambrosus project, an unwavering knowledge of the Middle East is fundamental in ensuring a successful roll out of the Ambrosus project in such an influential region.”

“Mohammed Al Fardan’s wealth of experience, specifically in operations and development in the Middle East, will underpin Ambrosus’ global presence in working towards our ambitious goal to revolutionize traditional supply chains through the adoption of blockchain technology,” added Versetti.

A leading expert in strategy, international business and development, Al Fardan began his career in IBM, Lexmark and Microsoft, driving innovation and growing their reach in the Middle East. For his role in introducing the venture capitals concept to the region, Al Fardan was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Gulf region in 2014. Managing acquisitions and attracting leading ICT firms to operate in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region, Al Fardan also created the concept and strategy for MENA’s ICT hub city, the first fully integrated smart city.

“Ambrosus is actively developing a solution to a multitude of problems we face as consumers on a global scale and creating a product that utilizes the latest, cutting edge technology. The Ambrosus project is innovative, inspiring, and highly motivating, I am elated to join the team and play a role in delivering this revolutionary product to the market,” said Al Fardan.

A high-profile name in the Middle East, Mohammed Al Fardan is the 7th generation of the Al Fardan family, a prominent trading family in the Arabian Peninsula since 1785. Al Fardan has co-founded and managed a number of innovative international ventures under the Mohammed Al Fardan Group, which is focused on venture capitals, Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, global remittances, digital banking, e-commerce, jewellery, automotive, superyacht management services, trading, travel and tourism, hospitality, information and communication technologies, pharmaceuticals, fragrances, and luxury brands. Currently working on establishing the first smartphone manufacturing facility in Bahrain for the Middle East and Africa to manufacture most of the known brands locally, Al Fardan is introducing initiatives focused on start-ups in the region as well as empowering women, leveraging on his global networks. Mohammed Al Fardan has also created an advanced recruitment portal utilizing artificial intelligence and social media.

Founded by Angel Versetti and Dr Stefan Meyer, Ambrosus combines IoT sensors, blockchain technology, and smart contracts to assure the quality, safety, and origins of essential products such as medicine and food. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Ambrosus is officially endorsed by EIT Food and SQS (Swiss Quality and Safety Association) and has received financial backing from the Government of the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland. In addition, Ambrosus is the first blockchain project to become an official partner of the United Nations 10YFP which is responsible for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Establishing a strong management team is imperative in guaranteeing the future success of the Ambrosus project. Mohammed Al Fardan is a highly valuable addition to the team; his futuristic thinking and entrepreneurial values will increase our strategic development and partnerships, not only in the Middle-Eastern region but worldwide,” said Versetti.

Joining Mohammed Al Fardan on the Ambrosus team is Nathalie Kazzi. With 15 years of operational leadership and project management experience in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Australia, Kazzi will take the role of interim COO. With an MBA from Chicago Booth, as well as implementing high-profile technology projects at a global level for Shell and SGS, Kazzi Co-founded Decisive, the financial advisory firm.

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About Ambrosus:

Founded in 2016 by Angel Versetti and Dr Stefan Meyer, Ambrosus is the world’s first publicly verifiable and community-driven system to assure the quality, safety, and origins of essential products, such as medicine, food, and commodities. Combining high-tech sensors, blockchain technology, and smart contracts, Ambrosus brings transparency to the supply chain, aiming to overcome the current deficiencies and challenges of current global food and pharmaceutical markets. For more information, or to see technical papers for Ambrosus sensors, marketplace, and non-invasive analytics, visit

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