PrimeRevenue Unveils Working Capital Grader

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PrimeRevenue announces beta release of its interactive working capital tool

Atlanta, GA, (October 4, 2017)PrimeRevenue, Inc., the leading provider of working capital financial technology solutions, today announced the beta release of its Working Capital Grader, an interactive working capital tool which companies can use to compare their performance to their publicly-traded peers and competitors.

This interactive, self-service tool leverages PrimeRevenue’s 14 years of experience analyzing more than $2T in annualized spend, allowing companies to compare themselves to up to nine industry peers with one metric. A participating company will receive a working capital grade, a numerical score out of 100, that shows how they’re doing in relation to their peers when it comes to their average payable period, otherwise known as days payable outstanding (DPO).

The tool represents a glimpse of what PrimeRevenue can provide, using limited information such as DPO and cost of goods sold to calculate a high-level overview of potential working capital improvements.

In addition to displaying how the company stacks up in relation to its peers, the analysis shows what the peer group’s best, top quartile and average DPO metrics are and what kind of cash flow could be generated by moving to another position.

“If your company is a below-average performer in terms of DPO you could be making it easier for your competitors to hold on to their cash,” said Tom Roberts, PrimeRevenue’s SVP, global marketing. “Conversely, if you’re a best performer and don’t have an effective supply chain finance program, you could be inflicting undue hardships on your suppliers. Regardless, understanding what cash flow improvements are possible starts with the ability to analyze your company’s performance in the context of your broader marketplace.”

While the Working Capital Grader currently only calculates results for publicly-traded companies, PrimeRevenue encourages anyone interested to get in touch to discuss a potential customized report.

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PrimeRevenue makes the global economy more efficient by unlocking cash in corporate financial supply chains. Headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in London, Prague, Hong Kong and Melbourne, PrimeRevenue manages over $100 billion in transactions and frees up cash for more than 20,000 clients to invest in their company’s future, in over 70 countries. Additional information about PrimeRevenue can be found at | Twitter: @primerevenue | LinkedIn:

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