Pennies Teams Up with Domino's for 'Rounding-Up' Card Payments Scheme

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Domino’s Pizza locations in the United Kingdom are now participating in a charitable giving program that allows card-using customers to round up their purchase amounts to the nearest pound as a way to contribute to Special Olympics Great Britain and other charities. Customers who order online are currently enabled, with in-store enablement planned for the near future.

It will not be possible to make a donation after a purchase over the phone because the concept behind the scheme is that the consumer is only ever asked by a machine to make a donation, rather than by a person.

Hilary McVitty, head of marketing and communications at Pennies, which calls itself “the electronic charity box”, claimed this was one of the advantages of the scheme.

“The main reason it appeals to people is its private nature and that it is a not a commitment – each time you give, it is a one-off choice,” she said.

Once the scheme is launched in a shop, it is thought that customers will be asked whether they want to top up their bills by a chip-and-pin device.

Pennies will take no commission from each donation because it has been funded by a philanthropist and foundations.

McVitty said she expected another online retailer to be using the scheme before Christmas, with up to another 15 retailers showing interest in adopting it in 2011.

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