PayPal Revamps Online Merchant Payment Options

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

In a blog post dated April 4, PayPal’s SVP and GM for North America, Ed Eger, announced the relaunch of the company’s service options for online merchants. The slate of offerings under the new brand “PayPal Payments” includes the ability for merchants to accept a broad range of payment methods (including PayPal) in their online stores, on mobile devices, and in-store. PayPal Payments is offered in three tiers whose main difference is the checkout page configuration for web stores. The Standard option for small businesses has PayPal hosting the merchant’s payment page, the Advanced option is for merchants with a checkout page in their own domains, and the Pro option is for merchants who elect to host their own websites’ payment pages and also control the look and feel of the checkout experience. Pro also provides a virtual terminal interface for mail-order/phone-order (MO/TO) transactions.

From the PayPal Blog:

As we’ve been saying for a while now, technology is changing the way people shop and pay more than any time in history. Small businesses should be focused on making their customers happy, not spending time worrying about handling the complex task of online, offline and multichannel payments in this new shopping environment– that’s why we’re announcing PayPal Payments, the most comprehensive payment solution available today.

PayPal Payments is one business product with three tiers of capability to give U.S. small businesses the flexibility to easily choose a payment option that works for them. Every tier offers an integrated suite of products that makes it easy to take payments from mobile devices and in-person, as well as online. However you do business, PayPal gets you paid.

As part of this move, we’ve dropped the word “website” from our U.S. product names. In the same way that Apple did when it dropped “computer” from its name in 2007 to represent its move beyond the Mac to a comprehensive consumer electronics company, this name change represents our move away from our online heritage to the future of PayPal and the multi-channel nature of payments in the new retail environment.

All of the tiers provide a full suite of payment solutions for online, offline, and multi-channel businesses that include:

  • Online payments – 100 percent end-to-end PCI compliant checkout options that allow you to accept credit cards and PayPal online in minutes, with all the security you expect from PayPal.
  • In-person, offline payments – ability to accept credit cards, PayPal, and checks in person using your smartphone, a free thumb-sized credit card reader, and app;
  • Mobile payments – checkout automatically optimized for mobile transactions, giving you an instant way to accept payments on any mobile device
  • Invoicing – easy to use and customizable invoicing that helps you get paid faster. Invoices come complete with a Pay Now button customers can use to pay, even from a mobile device
  • And debit card – fast access to cash in your PayPal account, with 1 percent cash back when you sign for purchases.

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