Parago Launches Incentive Prepaid Card Ordering Site

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Incentives provider Parago announced Sept. 8 that it has launched a Web site that will let large companies order customized Visa prepaid cards to use as incentives. The goal of the site is to give companies a one-stop shop for ordering prepaid rewards cards.

The platform provides a single destination for enterprises that before had to coordinate different incentives through different departments, such as Human Resources, Finance, Sales, and Marketing. Using PROP, all departments have access to a prepaid incentive ordering and customization portal, which can be set up with pre-approved configuration designed on a user basis and a hierarchical structure including approval and budget capabilities and restrictions. Companies have the ability to select from a range of standard designs, or create custom designs to fit within a specific product line, promotion, achievement, or theme. Users can leverage scale, pre-approved materials, simple ordering, and a robust reporting and audit trail.

Prepaid cards are a popular tool for distributing incentives to employees, partners, and customers. Businesses likely will appreciate the ability to create custom cards that will send a specific message beyond just a generic “Thanks” or “Good job” to a partner.

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