Pa. Credit Union Lets Members Access Accounts with a Fingerprint

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Louisville-based ISO and payment processor Payment Alliance International has reaffirmed its commitment to firearms retailers and the shooting sports industry.

Most merchant-service providers fear to tread in a market segment where merchants must undertake considerable amounts of customer due diligence, and where the potential for fraudulent transactions is so high. Especially in card-not-present transactions, gun sellers run the risk that customers are using stolen identities and payment credentials to pass background checks and commit fraud.

PAI seems to have enough controls in place, though, to feel comfortable serving what they rightly call an underserved market segment. PAI has partnerships with, or endorsements from, the National Rifle Association, NRA Business Alliance, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers, and others:

Payment Alliance International (PAI), a leader in electronic payment processing solutions, is pleased to announce its ongoing commitment to merchants in the shooting sports industry after a number of financial institutions, merchant services providers and lenders have recently withdrawn from this segment. PAI embraces the shooting sports industry and is continually enhancing its PAI Shooting Sports Payments Package with new payment acceptance alternatives.

“Sadly, we’ve seen this trend continuing over the past few years. The payment processing options for Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealers and legitimate shooting sports professionals are getting smaller and smaller,” explains Nathan Danus, vice president of national accounts at PAI. “We’re all in this together. PAI will continue to help the shooting sports industry use payments technology to grow revenue, whether it’s in a retail store, through an e-commerce website or on a smartphone or tablet.”

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