Observations From American Banker's Best Practices in Retail Financial Services Symposium

by Edward O'Brien 0

While my main reason for attending thissymposium was to moderate a panel entitled “The Evolution of theATM Banking Channel,” it was also a great opportunity to meet andnetwork with associates from various institutions, attend sessions,and catch up on industry best practices and the latest industrytrends.

The keynote speeches and presentations were excellent, and severaltouched on the need to persevere through these challengingmacroeconomic times, but also keep in mind that brighter days areahead of us.

It struck me during the sessions just how important channels aretoday. Many, if not most, sessions included some commentary onbranches, ATMs, online and mobile and call centers. The discussionoften led to deeper dives on multi-channel collaboration and theneed for efficient communication across channels.

Channels are definitely a hot topic this year and likely will be anarea of focus for some time to come as financial institutions lookfor ways to be more efficient, effective, andcustomer-centric.

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