NorthAmerican Bancard Offers Mobile Payment SDK

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Troy, Michigan based independent sales organization NorthAmerican Bancard (NAB) has launched a software development kit for Apple iOS developers interested in customizing solutions around NAB’s popular Pay Anywhere mobile card acceptance app. Like Pay Anywhere and the magstripe reader that accompanies it, the SDK’s basic and advanced versions will be offered for free. One of the nation’s largest ISOs, NAB currently handles $12 billion in card payments annually for over 125,000 merchants.

Pay Anywhere SDK – Basic is a “plug and pay” API option that requires minimal effort of the developer to implement into an existing application. Using the basic version, a developer can call the Pay Anywhere API to handle the processing of a credit card transaction. The developer’s existing app handles the amount and itemization of the transaction, and then passes the information onto Pay Anywhere through the API to actually complete the transaction.

Developers looking for more customization and flexibility can create an application using Pay Anywhere SDK – Advanced. With the advanced version, all essential Pay Anywhere functionalities are available, but no Pay Anywhere branding is present. Developers can create an entirely custom application and seamlessly integrate Pay Anywhere. During a transaction, the focus remains on the developer’s app, as the Pay Anywhere library is used to handle the processing of the transaction.

The Pay Anywhere SDK, along with the credit card reader, provides the opportunity for a developer to integrate a cost-efficient and secure payment interface into their application. Developers can rely on the security of the Pay Anywhere system, which adheres to the strictest standards of PCI compliance, and ensures every transaction is encrypted.

“Our goal in making the Pay Anywhere SDK available is enable developers to create apps that provide merchants with a smooth payment processing experience,” said Marc Gardner, NAB founder and president. “The Pay Anywhere mobile payment platform comes with nearly 20 years of experience in credit card processing, and this allows developers the freedom and peace-of-mind to concentrate on what matters most to them – app development.”

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