New Technologies Disrupting European Retail Banking Model Says Deloitte

by Tristan Hugo-Webb 0

London-based Telefonica Digital has launched a new mobile security division that will operate as a distinct business unit in charge of developing next-generation security solutions for the mobile company’s platform.

The company, which is known as Eleven Paths, is comprised of talent from Informatica 64, and will be led by the security firm’s CEO Chema Alonso. Operating autonomously, Eleven Paths will maintain what the firm describes as a start-up atmosphere, and the “flexibility … to allow fast and innovative product development.”

From Mobile World Live:

With the impact of BYOD, cloud computing and social media and emerging threats on smartphones and tablets, the privacy of personal and corporate data is becoming increasingly significant, Telefonica said.

“We want to radically change the way companies provide security services to customers and big corporations. The digital world is changing the rules and security services need to adapt to this new challenge very fast,” said Alonso.

Telefonica Digital CEO Matthew Key said Alonso and his team are “world leaders in information security who bring the necessary skills in this area to reflect the nature of the market and bring the right solutions to our customers”.

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