New EMV Mobile Card Reader Available for Small Businesses

by Raymond Pucci 0

Add global payments company, First Data, to the expanding array of EMV-enabled, mobile card readers that are a must-have device for mobile retail businesses. First Data recently introduced Clover Go, an addition to their Clover-brand product portfolio.

First Data has announced the release of Clover Go, an EMV-enabled card reader that can plug into any iOS or Android tablet or smartphone. It can process data via WiFi or a cellular connection, which allows business owners to process transactions outside of a traditional brick-and mortar store.

To use the mobile point-of-sale device, business owners simply plug it in and download the Clover App onto their tablet or smartphone. The app can be used to assign dollar amounts to transactions, including taxes and tips, and view all transactions processed on any Clover device used by the business.

The Clover Go now competes with Square’s reader for chip-based cards.

Clover Go uses TransArmor, First Data’s security tool, to protect customer data. TransArmor utilizes encryption and tokenization technology to make transactions safer.

“While the Clover platform serves businesses of all sizes, Clover Go is especially beneficial for businesses with mobile workforces or entrepreneurs just starting out who want to accept transactions while complying with the EMV liability shift,” said Dan Charron, Executive Vice President, Head of Global Business Solutions, First Data. “Clover Go enhances our Clover product portfolio, which is designed to grow alongside our business owner clients as their needs evolve.”

The EMV card reader market will become increasingly crowded given big players with technology chops such as Square, Amazon, and PayPal. Add to this mix the rapidly expanding world of mobile retail transactions. The winners will be those companies and their suppliers that compete not only on price, but more importantly, can deliver to merchants the right bundle of features and services including user interface, business analytics, inventory management, and enhanced customer service and marketing relationships.

Overview by Raymond Pucci, Associate Director, Research Services at Mercator Advisory Group

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