Offsets Cost By $20 By Bundling Prepaid

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MMR Global Inc. has released a prepaid Personal Health Record card:

“which normally sells online for $99.95 per year, will be offered at $79.95 purchased on a prepaid card and will include an extra month of free service for a family of up to 10 members, including pets.”

Expecting usage of a GPR card to offset costs by $20 of additional revenue is aggressive, although the release does not identify minimum balances or the fees associated with the prepaid card.

The headline used by MMR Global for this release proclaims it to be the first prepaid personal health record card, which is incorrect. LifeNexus, Inc. announced the iChip™ and personal health card with TxVia, Inc. in February 2011, but it is not clear if LifeNexus also services pets.

MMR Global claims this release is timely because of government mandates:

“At a time when government mandates are requiring that Americans have access to an online PHR in less than two years, I cannot think of a better time to launch a prepaid Personal Health Record card at retail.””

The solution would appear to be comprehensive, including:

“Built on proprietary, patented technologies, every account includes a personal “Lifeline” telephone number that at the option of the user provides FREE unlimited voice and fax mail services bundled in a user’s account. The Lifeline is designed to be used by all of one’s doctors and healthcare providers to fax in medical records, which are then automatically viewable in the user’s password-protected online account with a copy automatically sent to the subscriber’s personal e-mail account at their option. The Lifeline number can also be used for outbound faxing at no additional charge and for recording and storing confidential voice messages. Users can also upload and download documents and medical images directly from their computer. makes it easy for consumers to import medical records from all their healthcare providers regardless of the medical records system being deployed. In addition to securely storing medical records, a MyMedicalRecords account includes a “MyEsafeDepositBox” inside at no additional cost. That feature allows consumers to conveniently manage copies of all their other important documents, such as insurance policies and claims, birth certificate and powers-of-attorney, in one safe place ( ). also features a patented Emergency Login to enable emergency medical personnel to access potentially lifesaving information in an emergency or disaster when every second counts, while all other information in a user’s account is protected from view. Each MyMedicalRecords account covers a family of up to 10 members and is bilingual in English and Spanish.”

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