Most People Say They Are Aware of Their Credit Standing, but Far Fewer Check Their Credit Score More Than Once a Year

by Brian Riley 0

 Your credit score is more than just an interesting metric. It affects what you pay for credit, insurance and a variety of other things.

Many people take advantage of their free credit report, which you can do at this official site authorized under US federal law. It should be part of every consumer (and Credit Manager’s annual health checkup.

Now, you can check your credit score very easily, through your credit card issuer. Discover reports the usage is high and the benefits are good.

The survey found that those who checked their credit score most often during the prior year were more likely than those who checked their score less often to say that checking their score had a positive impact on their credit behavior, such as paying bills on time, paying down loans and maintaining low balances on their credit cards.

• 28 percent of respondents said they didn’t check their score at all during the prior year
• 21 percent checked once
• 25 percent checked 2-3 times
• 12 percent checked 4-6 times
• 6 percent checked 7-11 times
• 8 percent checked 12 or more times

I’m definitely in that 8 percent, and if you want a little credit-geek fun, start plotting how the numbers vary slightly between your multiple cards.

Discover has a really nice infographic at the link below; my favorite number: 89% of baby boomers think their credit standing is within their control. That’s me.

Overview by Brian Riley, Director, Credit Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group

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