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IndustryLeading Technology Solution Transforms The Detection of Fake and Altered IDs

JERICHO, NEW YORK – December 13, 2016 – Mississippi’s Alcoholic Beverage Control(ABC) Bureau of Enforcement is using Intellicheck’s (NYSE MKT:IDN) AgeID torevolutionize the enforcement of laws that make it illegal to sell alcoholicbeverages to minors. The Bureau of Enforcement’s 24 law enforcement agents areusing Age ID acrossthe state of Mississippitoscan bar codes on driver licenses and other forms of identification to spotaltered and fake IDs.

Accordingto Chief of Enforcement Rusty Hanna, “Technology has made fake and alteredIDs so sophisticated that it is virtually impossible to spot them with thehuman eye. We have to stay current to do our job and that’s why I place a highdegree of emphasis on using the most effective identity verification technologysolution available to address the challenges of keeping alcohol out of thehands of minors.” Chief Hanna said he and his officers have a deep,personal commitment to protecting minors and preventing underage drinking.”It’s more than a job for every one of us. We are passionate about theenforcement of these laws because we care about the safety of the young peopleof our state. We want to do everything we can to prevent needless tragedies andthe loss of promising futures,” explained Chief Hanna.

The ABC Bureau of Enforcementis responsible for maintaining the enforcement of Local Option laws,prohibition laws, and state beer laws for the state of Mississippi. Their responsibilities coverevery establishment, including bars, restaurants, clubs, and retail outletsthat sell alcoholic beverages. To accomplish their mission, the ABC Bureau ofEnforcement’s sworn law enforcement agents are positioned across the state of Mississippi to seek outviolators. Establishments that fail to accurately validate the ID of theircustomers face stiff penalties that can include fines, license suspension orloss of license.

“Being a partner with Mississippi’s ABC Bureauof Enforcement in achieving mission-critical success is an honor and aresponsibility we take very seriously. We see that same passion reflected in many state ABC boards across the country that recognizeAge ID is a game changer indelivering critical, real-time identification authentication,” said Dr.William Roof, CEO of Intellicheck. Dr. Roof said Age ID can be deployed anywhere age-restricted products such as tobacco,cannabis, and alcoholic beverages are sold as well as at events and venues withage restrictions. Dr. Roof called Age ID an easy-to-use, affordable solution tothe problem of minors attempting to use fake or altered IDs to make illegalalcohol purchases or gain access to age-restricted activities. He saidthat Age ID is employed at many businesses across the country where the effectivetechnology solution is assuring compliance with laws regarding the sale ofage-restricted products to minors and to prevent fraudulent purchases. Dr. Roofstated that the Company expects to make additional announcements regarding thegrowing use of Age ID by law enforcement agencies and business establishmentsas adoption of the proven technology solution continues to expandnationwide.

Age ID reads the barcode dataencoded on driver licenses and government issued IDs, instantly verifying theauthenticity of the ID and age information. The identity authentication andvalidation technology solution can be deployed on mobile devices includingsmartphones and tablets. It draws on a comprehensive database, updated on anongoing basis, to ensure information is timely and accurate. Age ID providesthe most up-to-date solution to the problem of spotting fake and altered IDswith its ability to read more than 200 unique DMV barcode formats from everyU.S. state and Canadian province.

Inaddition to nine pending patents, Intellicheck’s patent portfolio includes 25patents, many pertaining to identification technology. Intellicheck’s suite ofreal-time identity authentication and validation solutions support customers inthe law enforcement, retail, hospitality, national defense, and financialmarkets. The Company’s products scan, authenticate and analyze components of identity documents including driver licenses,military identification cards and other government forms of identificationcontaining magnetic stripe, barcode and smart chip information. Once extractedfrom the identity card, the information can be used to provide safety, securityand efficiencies throughout these markets.

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