Mercator Launches Closed-Loop Prepaid Benchmark Survey

by Ben Jackson 0

The closed-loop industry is being affect by changes in business models, technology, and regulations. For issuers, understanding the size and shape of the prepaid market and their position in it is crucial. Additionally, the industry as a whole needs information to address things like the on-going escheatment debate in New Jersey.

To meet these needs, Mercator has launched its latest benchmark issuers survey to measure the closed-loop market. The information will be used to create out closed-loop benchmark report, our prepaid forecast, and our distribution report. The survey has been streamlined this year to make it easier to answer. It is however slightly longer with the addition of two questions about card loads in New Jersey.

All the information gathered as part of this survey is treated as confidential. Since we began this survey in 2004, Mercator has never released individual data.

To say thank you for participating in the survey, once the results are compiled, respondents will receive two things:

  • An invitation to a Webinar for respondents only that will discuss the high-level results.
  • A one-page report about your position relative to the overall market and your retail category if there are a sufficient number of responses for the category. (The level of detail on this report will depend on the number of responses received and the level of detail furnished.)

We would like to receive all the responses by May 8. Respondents can submit answers via our online survey at this link.

Please contact Ben Jackson, senior analyst, Prepaid Advisory Service at if you have any questions.

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