MCX Announces Planned Use of QR Codes

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

At a recent panel discussion, the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) announced it intends to build its mobile payments application around cloud-based QR codes. The company, however, did not specify how consumers would use those barcodes to pay for goods at participating retailers. The MCX gave no indication if the consumer will display a barcode on their mobile device as a payment token, or if the consumer will use the mobile device’s camera to scan a barcode that represents the transaction value, or if the barcodes will simply be used to identify products the way U.P.C. codes are commonly used today.

MCX also announced a few new retail members, including Meijer and Wawa, but did not specify a launch date for the application. Dodd Roberts, Executive at MCX, claimed MCX had solved the problem of dead phone batteries, but did reveal a solution. An overall assessment from Storefront Backtalk:

Members were more candid in explaining why they have the goals they do, even if they were not especially forthcoming in how they plan on achieving those goals.

MCX’s tactic the past few months is to reveal just enough information about the app to keep the market interested. Due to the influential names supporting MCX, including Wal-Mart, Target, and Shell Oil, people will continue to pay attention any time new information is released. But at some point, MCX will have to fully introduce its payment system if it will ever generate any level of value.

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