MasterCard Highlights Three Asian Cities Among Top Destinations Worldwide

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

MasterCard recently posted the results of its Global Destination Cities Index online.

The index reviewed 132 cities from every region of the world and ranked the top 20 by visitors, arrivals, and cross-border expenditures in the destination city.

European cities dominate with 10 out of the 20, and with London and Paris in first and second position, respectively. Cities in Asia Pacific come second, accounting for eight of the top 20. Bangkok occupies the third position, testifying to its attraction as a popular tourist destination. Dubai, in the Middle East, is ranked ninth. Only one city in North America is in the top 20, New York, which is ranked twelfth.

Three of the top five destinations are in Asia: Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

From the perspective of growth, six of the top 10 are in Asia, one in the Middle East and one in North America. This kind of growth pattern strongly suggests that destination cities in emerging markets in Asia will continue to grow in importance.

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