Luxury U.S. Department Store Implementing Intellicheck’s Retail ID Mobile Nationwide

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Leading-Edge Technology Solution Engages Customers and Boosts Confidence with Fraud Protection

 JERICHO, NEW YORK – October 17, 2017 – Intellicheck, Inc. (NYSE American:IDN), an industry leader in delivering real-time threat identification and identification authentication that provides the antivirus to the epidemic of counterfeit IDs, today announced that a renowned national department store chain is deploying Intellicheck’s  Retail ID Mobile at all of its premier and outlet store locations nationwide.

Retail ID Mobile is providing the chain’s retail stores with state-of-the-art, real-time identification authentication to prevent fraud in card not present transactions and new store card account openings. Implementation of Retail ID Mobile increases customer confidence and enhances the customers’ experience with the easy-to-use technology solution.

“We are excited that yet another prized brand has chosen our technology solution following an extensive, rigorous pilot test delivering proof of Retail ID Mobile’s superior performance. Retailers recognize they must act to stem the steep losses associated with fraudulent transactions. Those losses are increasingly causing an erosion in customer confidence and the bottom line. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, our growing list of partners will continue to realize important gains because they now have this powerful fraud fighter working to protect their transactions and improve the customer experience,” said Intellicheck Interim CEO Bill White. “At the same time, we are pleased to provide our shareholders with another positive progress report underscoring an important achievement in positive incremental revenue growth and product adoption,” noted White.

Retail ID Mobile transforms mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, into a potent fraud deterrent. Design features reflect Intellicheck’s deep understanding that the customer experience is a critical element, which defines the retailers’ brand and makes the difference between a satisfied customer that will return and remain brand loyal and a negative experience. Economical and easy to implement, Retail ID Mobile eliminates the need to integrate with the retailer’s point-of-sale system providing a quick path to realizing revenues.

About Intellicheck NYSE American:IDN

Intellicheck is the industry leader in technology solutions that are the antivirus to the epidemic of counterfeit IDs providing real-time threat identification and identification authentication. Our technology solutions make it possible for our clients to enhance the safety and awareness of their facilities and people, improve customer service, and increase operational efficiencies. Founded in 1994, Intellicheck has grown to serve dozens of Fortune 500 companies including retail and financial industry clients, police departments, national defense clients at agencies, major seaports, and military bases, and diverse state and federal government agencies. The Company holds 25 patents including many patents pertaining to identification technology. For more information on Intellicheck, visit and follow Intellicheck on Twitter @IntellicheckIDN, on Instagram @IntellicheckIDN, on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on YouTube, and read Intellicheck’s latest blog post at

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