Lloyds Deploys Real-Time Appointment Booking System

by Tristan Hugo-Webb 0

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In what Lloyds describes as a first for the UK retailbanking system, the market leading Lloyds Bank has announced the deployment ofan online system that allows customers to book branch appointments in real-time.

The service which is part of the bank’s efforts to improveits multi-channel approach will see customers be able to pick a branch andappointment time from the following day to up to three weeks in advance via acustomer’s mobile banking application or online. Customers will also be able toamend appointments through the service and receive SMS and email reminders.

Commenting on the announcement, Adrian Bryant, digitaldirector at Lloyds Bank, “The new online appointment booking system willgive customers convenient access to our branches, there are some things thatsome people just prefer to do face to face. So we’re using technology toimprove that process for everyone while recognizing people’s varying needs.”

In the UK retail banking space, the branch remains a vitalcomponent in the relationship between customer and bank however some branchesare often crowded and understaffed meaning that customers have to waitconsiderably to be seen. By implementing this common sense appointment service,Lloyds will be able to demonstrate that it is capable of responding tocustomers more quickly and provide a more satisfactory experience.

Overview by Tristan Hugo-Webb, Associated Director of the International Advisory Service for Mercator Advisory Group

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