LivingSocial Getting Into The Credit Card Game

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

LivingSocial has announced it will launch a new co-branded credit card for its subscribers, with Chase as the issuer and Visa as the network. A major goal of the program is to incent LiningSocial users to revisit favored merchants over time, rather than to pursue single offers without return visits.

Card holders who make 10 purchases a month with the card will earn 10 credits known as Deal Bucks. These can be used to pay for LivingSocial daily deals and other offers the company runs, such as discounted travel packages, Bax explained.

For merchants, LivingSocial plans to offer short-term funding through the program. Bax (John Bax, LinvingSocial CFO) declined to give details, but he noted that co-branded credit card and loyalty programs usually offer features such as deferred interest payments and rewards for spending with merchants.

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