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PerformLine’sMerchant Monitoring solution mitigates payments risk with complete oversight ofe-commerce merchants

New York City, NY— March09, 2017— PerformLine, theleading RegTech company that delivers automated compliance solutions, todayannounced the launch of its Merchant Monitoring solution which mitigatespayments risk with complete oversight of e-commerce merchants. The onlyplatform to offer a true omni-channel merchant coverage solution, PerformLine’sMerchant Monitoring solution provides massive efficiency, complete automationand relentless oversight to ensure seamless merchant management and compliance.

In an effort to keep up with the constant innovation inpayments such as chatbot payments, PerformLine developed its MerchantMonitoring offering to deliver a solution that provides hyper efficient,payment partner and omni-channel merchant compliance coverage. No otherplatform provides web, voice and chat oversight together to provide a singleview of merchant compliance. The comprehensive nature of the platform affordsusers automation and efficiency otherwise not obtainable – resulting in timeand money savings.

“We’re excited to bring our Merchant Monitoring solution tomarket to give those in the payments space the same comprehensive compliancecoverage we bring to our clients in other regulated markets,” said Alex Baydin,PerformLine CEO. “With the PerformLine compliance platform, merchant acquirers,processors, ISOs, payment facilitators or anyone that holds merchant risk cannow monitor across their web, voice and chat channels for complete coveragefrom one platform. It’s game-changing.”

Key features of PerformLine’s Merchant Monitoring solutioninclude:

Data-Gathering to Validate Merchants –The platform gathers important data on merchants and provides it in aneasy-to-view format—a key “who to work with” with indicator.

Uncovering the Unknown – Theproprietary crawler searches the web gathering information about associatedmerchant sites that may not otherwise have been known about.

Manage Merchants via Categories –The customizable Rules Engine monitors the activity of merchants according topredefined rules and documents that activity via specified categories.

Score Immediately – The rules engineapplies rules immediately and provides a real-time score of any merchants’pages.

Supports All Types of Merchant On-Boarding –Through PerformLine’s extensive experience with customers in the financialsector, it has designed an on-boarding process that is easy and efficient.

PerformLine will be at the Merchant Acquirers’ Committee(MAC) Conference, which is dedicated to educating individuals responsible forrisk mitigation and regulatory compliance, March 21-23, 2017 in Las Vegas.Meetings can be scheduled with john[at]performline[dot]com during theconference.

PerformLine demo requests are available via www.PerformLine.com.

ABOUT PERFORMLINEPerformLine is the leading RegTech company delivering automated compliancesolutions for enterprises looking to mitigate regulatory risk and ensure brandsafety. Its cloud-based platform empowers compliance functions with theintelligence, insights and tools needed to mitigate risk across all consumerinteractions channels including web, voice, chat and mobile. PerformLineprovides its clients with significant time and cost savings by automatingcompliance activities across channels and departments. COMPLY2017,PerformLine’s RegTech and Compliance Conference, is taking place on June 7-8,2017 in NYC. Register here.

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