Ixaris Systems Coming on Strong To Roll Out Industrial-Strength API Platform for Payment Application Development

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

UK-based Ixaris Systems first came to our attention at the Fall Finovate

conference in NYC, where they pre-launched “Ixaris Opn,” a platform and toolset that allows developers, businesses and financial institutions to rapidly create payment applications.

Initially Ixaris ran its own consumer payment service under the name of EntroPay, and then commercialized the underlying software as a customizable solution for numerous businesses.

With the launch of Opn, they have gone another step further in opening APIs.

The partnership with Apigee signals the beginning of “get serious” marketing, ensuring a robust testing and development environment for application developers in need of payments capability.

According to the company, “Unlike similar platforms such as PayPal X, Ixaris Opn allows developers to create and run their own global payment applications using open loop virtual or physical cards under the Visa and MasterCard schemes.

…. . Ixaris Opn manages all facets of the payments lifecycle, including fraud and compliance oversight, so that developers can then customize, combine and link to re-usable payment components in order to create fully branded payment applications.”

The Ixaris Opn tool kit is one of numerous new competitors, facilitating the rollout of payment processing for any number of new business ventures.

Reflecting its international pedigree, the application has been adopted by more than 100 clients, and relies on Ixaris’s partnerships with several European banks.

Read full article: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20101027005825/en/Ixaris-Partners-Apigee-Create-Industrial-Grade-API-Platform

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