Is Bitcoin a Joke? People Thought That About the Internet Too

by Nikhil Joseph 0

From an ATMIA press release:

ATMIA today announced the publication of the results of its first international ATM innovation survey. The survey aimed to determine the most important ATM innovations in recent times and in the anticipated future, including rating value-added services over and above core ATM functions.

Deposit automation came out as the top recent ATM innovation, while Mobile/Contactless Payments at ATMs was forecast to be the fastest-growing value-adding service in the next 5 years.

“The international success of deposit automation shows the value of innovation at ATMs and we believe we are now entering the most intense period of innovation in our industry in recent memory,” commented Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA.

“Respondents cited deposit automation as the most important non-core function of the ATM,” explained David Tente, ATMIA’s US Director. “Bill Payments came in a distant second with only 15% number-one rankings. However, it was close behind in overall ranking, along with ATM Advertising. Mobile/contactless Transactions and Other Branch Products also showed strong support. Services such as Stamps, Tolls, Tickets, Lottery and others were all at the bottom of the rankings.”

The lowly ATM is proving to be anything but as it becomes a hub of activity for a wide range of banking activities. Such capabilities as deposit automation, bill payment, and other value-added services are providing a springboard for advances in ATM and other self-service channels for FIs throughout the world.

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