Intuit Provides Public Demonstrations of Mobile Payments Solution

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Intuit is attempting to expand the merchant-base utilizing its GoPayment mobile-payment acceptance system, providing public demonstrations across the country in a program it has dubbed “Go Somewhere New.” A recent demonstration happened April 7 with New York Dog Nanny, a dog-grooming business that provided grooming services in a New York City park for only $7 to anyone willing to pay with a credit card swiped through its GoPayment mobile device. At SXSW last month, Intuit partnered with Bird Barbershop, offering haircuts for $1.99 in the middle of a busy street. According to an Intuit representative:

The events expose more consumers to a mobile-payment device because merchants illustrate payment card acceptance for small-ticket purchases such as dog grooming, haircuts, baby-sitting or gardening services.

Intuit hopes these demonstrations will assuage consumers’ fears over using mobile payment acceptance devices.

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