Ink From Chase Launches Jot, A New Mobile App To Save Small Business Owners Time Managing Their Expenses

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

This week, Chase introduced a new mobile app for its Ink family of small business cards. The Jot app is focused on bringing expense management capabilities to business owners’ mobile devices. Main capabilities include:

• Receive text alerts within seconds of making a purchase with their Ink card;
• Immediately tag these purchases to custom categories on a mobile device or online; Enable employees to tag their business expenses;
• Immediately view all transactions on their account, including those of their employees, through their mobile device or online;
• Adjust employees’ card spending limits in real-time via a mobile device; and
• Create and download reports into accounting software, including QuickBooks® and Excel®.

Notably, this app’s introduction will be accompanied by a multimedia advertising campaign which will run through 2012. This new capability will therefore be a key element supporting the ongoing marketing of the Ink family of business cards. Also notable is that this app will be available with the Ink Bold card, which is a non-revolving charge product with particular appeal to businesses focused on expense management.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android mobile platforms, and is downloadable for use with Ink cards from the Ink card website.

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