Hong Kong-based Transact24 to Launch Prepaid Cards in Europe

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Hong Kong-based company Transact24 is going to launch three prepaid products in Europe, according to FIS who will provide the processing.

Founded in Hong Kong in 2006, Transact24 is focused on becoming a premier Internet Payment Service Provider (iPSP) for the emerging markets in Asia and the Southern hemisphere. The company now has additional operational and technical centres in Zuhai (China), South Africa, Singapore and Gibraltar as well as registered satellite offices in Australia, Austria, UK, Indonesia, Macau and the U.S.

FIS is supporting the phased roll-out from Europe of three new Transact24 global prepaid card products. All three Visa®-branded cards will be launched in July. The T24 Black card is aimed at high net worth individuals; the T24 BlackShield is a travel protection and services card; and the T24 PayVault is a payroll/pay-out card. Transact24 believes each product will offer significant benefits to the cardholders, including a robust user-friendly system and reduced support requirements, resulting in the highest level of customer service.

Europe is the world’s largest regional market for prepaid card products and services, according to Mercator’s Global Prepaid Market Potentials report, which was published earlier this month. The top 15 European markets combined to represent US$716.8 billion market potential for prepaid cards in 14 segments in 2009, Mercator’s study shows. The top prepaid market segments in Europe include government (social security & welfare), store cards, prepaid mobile, benefits, transit, and open money. Find out more about the global prepaid market potential here: Global Prepaid Markets Potential 2011 Update.

To learn more about Transact24 please visit there website at www.t24blackcard.com & www.transact24.com

Read more about the Transact24 story here: http://fis.mediaroom.com/index.php?s=43&item=781

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