Google and Rovio’s Angry Birds Generate New Ad Revenue Model

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Rovio’s wildly popular “Angry Birds” phone-based mini-game “has turned into more of an interactive TV series than a traditional game,” according to Seth Weintraub of Fortune, because “the developers keep releasing more and more levels to the story.”

That evolution, and the game’s total simplicity, has proven sufficient to bring users back repeatedly.

“This game is easy to pick up but difficult to put down, and Rovio reports an average of 65 million minutes of game-play per day,” according to the Google blog.

angry bird

While the original iPhone version was offered as a paid download, the stickiness of the game has prompted Rovio to present a new, free

Android version, which is generating advertising revenue via Google Admob from tiny ads embedded in the corner of the screen.

Is it working?

The developers expect to shortly be making $1 million a month, without requiring gameplayers to purchase anything.

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