GlobalPlatform Compliance Program

by Kevin Gillick 0

The mobile payments revolution has led to a dramatic expansion in the payments ecosystem. Although this expansion offers more choice to consumers, it also means that the market has become fragmented, making it difficult for vendors and service providers to deploy value added services efficiently.

To combat the issues created by this market fragmentation, the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program provides a foundation for interoperability, stability and confidence in the secure chip industry. Because of this work, there are now more than 150 GlobalPlatform-qualified secure components available to the marketplace, having undergone independent laboratory qualification.

To mark the qualification of the 150th secure component by the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program, this infographic highlights the need for interoperability, the benefits of compliance to vendors and service providers and the current status of the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program.

Global Platform Compliance Program

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