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by Ben Jackson 0

As of this week, many businesses large and small have achieved very significant improvements in their ability to trade efficiently with partners in Latin America.

According to Christian Lanng, CEO of Tradeshift:

“Tradeshift and Invoiceware International [IWI] have joined forces to alleviate a massive headache for Latin American e-business – ensuring compliance while supporting domestic and cross-border invoicing. The largest companies in the world depend on IWI to ensure their e-business practices are up to snuff with the Latin American laws and regulations – Siemens, Microsoft and Coca-cola – to name just a few.”

Latin American trade is complex for outsiders, due to the leading edge position taken initially by Brazil and Mexico, and subsequently by Argentina and Chile, in requiring electronic invoices in government specified formats. Invoiceware just announced last week the addition of Chile to its existing invoice compliance coverage in the other three countries.

While the big name firms can use Invoiceware’s formatting and compliance solution directly, their partnership with Tradeshift makes the service available to the much wider group of Tradeshift users. That group was expanded even further earlier this year when Tradeshift announced a new integration capability for businesses using Quickbooks, estimated at four to five million worldwide.

Click here and here to read more about this announcement. Click here to read Tradeshift’s blog post about the partnership.

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