Five Tips for Financial Institutions Launching Deposit Automation

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

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Deposit automation has become one of the most common new financial transactions to be introduced at the self-service channel. FIs need to stay competitive, but they also need to look for significant cost savings.

One way to accomplish this is by transferring more deposits to the ATM channel via tools like deposit automation ATMs. In order to realize cost savings without negatively impacting customer satisfaction, it is important to consider the following five tips.
• Centralized access to detailed information for effective exception management
• Match host records and images
• The self-service deposit experience should inspire confidence
• Multi-vendor amount recognition and image quality analysis
• Platform independence and flexibility

As financial institutions have increased their deployment of deposit automation ATMs over the past five years, both customer and FI acceptance has been strong. Customers are increasingly using these machines for a wider variety of deposits and other transactions, in addition to withdrawing cash.

With their increased capabilities made possible by check imaging technology, intuitive, easy-to-use use interfaces, including touchscreens with virtual keyboards, deposit automation ATMs have the potential to handle an increasing variety of transactions, and to ultimately relieve some of the workload from the branch channel.

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