Facebook Fills Out Global Payment Options for Credits

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Facebook continues to move towards its previously established July 1 deadline for game developers to accept only Credits for in-game payments. Two announcements in the past several weeks have fortified their readiness. In late May, they made life easier for app developers in 22 countries, including Turkey, India, and Japan, by integrating PayPal as an option for the developers to receive the net cash value of Credits spent within their games or apps.

In June, Facebook apparently solved its remaining problems with respect to ability to pay developers. According to Facebook blogger Loren Cheng:

“we now support payouts to developers in all countries globally (excluding a few government-embargoed countries). To do this, we’ve developed a new pay out process…”

At the same time, Facebook announced pending improvements with respect to incoming payments for purchases of credits. For the benefit of gamers, they have partnered with Live Gamer/Skrill, which will give would-be game players in 13 countries of Asia and Latin America additional channels through which to procure credits. Click here to read the Facebook blog.

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