Executive Spotlight Series with Kimberly Little Sutherland from LexisNexis Risk Solutions

by Kimberly Little Sutherland 0

What differentiates TrueID from other ID authentication solutions in the market?

TrueID offers a fully automated, real time response for ID authentication. TrueID uses a patented global document library to perform forensic analysis of the ID using a combination of text and image based tests. The entire analysis is performed in an automated fashion without the use of any human intervention or expert reviews and the authentication process and extraction of identity information from the ID occurs in under 10 seconds.

Confirming a consumer’s identity with a high level of confidence often requires a variety of different authentication processes working in concert. This is especially true in faceless channels like online and mobile. How does TrueID enable this multi-layered approach?

TrueID is very easily combined with other LexisNexis identity verification and risk assessment solutions, allowing for a layered risk solution tailored to the workflow needs. For example, once the data on the ID has been extracted and the ID document has been authenticated using TrueID, LexisNexis ID verification solutions can determine if the data found on the identity document is valid thereby providing an end-to-end KYC solution. LexisNexis also offers other authentication solutions including knowledge based authentication (KBA) and (One Time Password (OTP) which can be combined with TrueID to offer a multi-layered authentication approach.

An important consideration with any ID authentication or KYC process is the level of friction imposed on the customer. How does TrueID minimize customer friction?

TrueID helps to minimize customer friction in a couple of ways. By using a completely automated and real time forensic analysis process, TrueID makes for a speedy authentication experience without having the end user wait for authentication results. Additionally, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology allows TrueID to extract identity information from the scanner ID to use for downstream workflow whether it is to prepopulate a form or to pass fields into additional verification solutions. This eliminates the need for the customer to type information into a form or on a mobile device. Finally, TrueID provides an SDK that can be integrated into the customer’s native mobile app to guide and auto-snap an image of the ID document for submission to the ID document authentication service and makes the entire image capture and ID authentication process as seamless and frictionless as possible.

Confirming the authenticity of an ID document (like a driver’s license) is important, but so is verifying that the customer presenting that ID is the same person. How does TrueID support this second layer of identity verification?

Our TrueID workflows were designed to support customer choice in the method that they prefer to be authenticated. TrueID can be integrated with a variety of authentication processes, ranging from using the data found on the ID to generate a dynamic knowledge based authentication quiz to test the knowledge of historical biographical information. We can also verify the association of an email address or phone number to a person and send and request a response to the transmission of a one time password. The final way that TrueID will make available for a customer to authenticate is the use of facial recognition to compare the photo found on the ID against a captured image of the individual.

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