EPC Creates a Platform for the Other Side of the Durbin Debate

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Retailers aren’t the only ones organizing themselves to do battle in the court of public opinion, now financial institutions are stepping into the ring. The Electronic Payments Coalition (EPC), a group of financial institutions and payments industry stakeholders recently launched a website called “Where’s My Debit Discount?”

The website has three sections: “In the News” contains links to media articles. “Broken Promises” offers a few quotes from retail executives and industry organizations. “Get the Truth” describes the federal law, known as the Durbin Amendment, and directs readers to an EPC research paper about recent rises in retail prices. Also included is a link to the EPC website.

In an argument that has been portrayed as being almost wholly one-sided, it’s refreshing to see the main target take the bulls eye off its back and turn it around to face the other side. An informed public is an empowered public. Consumers who want a balanced view of this issue, now have a source to help them get there.

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