EMV rules ruining Apple Pay

by Sarah Grotta 0

EMV continues to haunt the retail world. An opinion piece in Computerworld outlines how the requirements of EMV are causing ApplePay to be less than the elegant, simple payment wallet that was intended:

Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods were among the major retailers that switched on EMV last week, which instantly made the quick Apple Pay experience decidedly less so. Instead of the shopper being done when Apple Pay confirmed all that it needed to confirm (which is pretty much the purchase amount and that your fingerprint matches the one you are supposed to have), a series of new messages pop out on the POS screen.

The first message displays — again — the amount of the purchase and asks that the shopper confirm acceptance of that amount. The problem is that the shopper already saw that amount before paying with Apple Pay. Ah, but EMV rules require confirmation of the amount, not mere knowledge of it. One could argue that the fact that the shopper offered a payment device after seeing the amount was a pretty good indication of acceptance.

If correct, then this is truly a case of two digital payment types clashing together with unintended consequences, and will impact not just Apple Pay, but Samsung Pay, Android Pay and potentially other ‘pays’ as well. Mercator Advisory Group will conduct some field research and report back!

Overview by Sarah Grotta, Director, Debit Advisory service at Mercator Advisory Group

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