EMV Migration Forum Provides U.S. Financial Institutions With Best Practices for EMV-Enabled Instant Issuance Programs

by Sarah Grotta 0

Instant issue capabilities are being deployed in branches at a rapid rate for the superior customer experience they provide and the added card activations and card usage that a financial institution generates. Integrating instant issue with EMV personalization capabilities does add complexities to the initiative. The EMV Migration Forum has published a “best- practices” guide available free of charge to anyone. The press release announcing this guide stated:

Being able to offer instant issuance as a service provides significant benefits, both for the issuer through revenue generation and the cardholder in terms of convenience. However, the advanced security chip cards provide makes the personalization and issuance of cards more complicated than the relatively simple processes required to issue magnetic stripe-only cards,” said Randy Vanderhoof, director of the EMV Migration Forum. “After reading this white paper, financial institutions will better understand all of the considerations and necessary implementation steps for transitioning to a chip-enabled instant issuance program.”

The guide is written at a high level to accommodate any issuer’s processing environment, but it provides a fair amount tactical detail.

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Overview by Sarah Grotta, Director, Debit Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group

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