EIU Study Shows Increasing Use of e-Procurement and e-Payment by Governments Worldwide

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) released results this week of a study commissioned by Visa, Inc., showing that government use of electronic collections, purchasing and payment methods continues to increase worldwide. The study of 62 countires updates a smilar project in 2007.

According to Visa Inc.:

The EIU defines e-payments in the study as the exchange or transfer of funds over an electronic platform. They can be made by various means such as payment card, direct deposit, direct debit, electronic funds transfer, and wire transfer.

The highlighted results suggest that governments have made significant strides in enabling both individual and businesses to make payments to the government in electronic form, that is, the largest use of e-payments is for collection of income tax, VAT and sales tax, and automotive tolls and fines. In addition, it focuses on the importance of Internet-enabling IT infrastructure, whether for broadband or for mobile, as a “primary enabler” of continuing growth in government use of e-payables.

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