Ecommerce Provider Zoovy Adds Kount Fraud Protection

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In a statement released today, Kount announced that ecommerce software integrator Zoovy has added Kount’s enterprise fraud protection service to its stable of value-added offerings for online merchants. Zoovy provides services to over 5,000 online businesses, integrating them with ecommerce marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon,, and In addition to the risk management solution provided by Kount, Zoovy also offers products for inventory management, accounting integration, web storefronts, order processing, shipping, and wholesale.

The addition of Kount with the Zoovy platform allows merchants an easy-to-use and scalable fraud solution for businesses operating in credit card-not-present environments.

For each transaction, Kount’s “decisioning” engine analyzes hundreds of relevant variables and activity across the globe in real-time. Kount applies a multitude of technologies based on the specific needs of each merchant, including Multi-layered Device Fingerprinting®, Proxy Piercer ® geolocation tools, statistical scoring, rules-based fraud detection, cross-merchant linking, and Persona(TM) behavioral modeling. The result is a highly predictive risk assessment delivered in an average of just 350 milliseconds. The platform gives greater visibility into fraudulent activities, allowing companies to control risk associated with fraud while maximizing sales and dramatically reducing the need for costly and time-consuming manual review.

“Anybody who has really taken the time to evaluate a fully functional Kount deployment quickly realizes it’s hands down without a doubt the most sophisticated fraud screen available – period. When it comes to being able to identify, and respond to threats – if there is something better, I haven’t seen it – in fact nothing else I’ve seen even comes close,” said Brian Horakh, CEO, Zoovy Inc.

“Merchants of all sizes serious about confidently expanding sales into new markets and new payment methods are looking for maximum protection from fraud and other associated risks,” said Kount COO Steve Rouse. “Zoovy’s integration of Kount speaks to the demand for online businesses to protect themselves from fraud. For many businesses, fraud has a crippling effect that impacts revenue, growth, as well as credibility with customers. Kount’s enterprise solution is focused on providing company’s a turnkey solution that safeguards Fortune 100 companies and smaller merchants alike looking to securely sell more products, to more people in more places.”

Merchants are increasingly falling victim to sophisticated and global fraudsters. Zoovy customer, Zephyr Sports has already benefited from the Kount integration. An expanding sports retailer with both online and retail properties, Zephyr relies on Zoovy’s ecommerce platform for a variety of services, ranging from automated processing, inventory, customer service, marketplace management and now fraud. “Kount is a great tool with unlimited possibilities. The integration is already allowing me to ship an increased amount of valid orders, while still maintaining a high level of fraud detection. This will definitely impact my bottom line in a positive way,” said Bob Mullaney, CEO, Zephyr Sports.

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